Courchevel or Val Thorens: Which is best for you?


Courchevel or Val Thorens

Are you torn between Courchevel and Val Thorens for your next ski holiday? It can be challenging to decide which one to choose as both resorts offer many activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. In this blog post, we will discuss each resort's advantages and disadvantages and help you determine which is the best for you.

Courchevel or Val Thorens: Which is best for you?

It all depends on your purpose. For those with an appreciation for the finer things in life. In this case, the best option is undoubtedly Courchevel. But if you're just looking for a place to hang out with your friends, Val Thorens is the place to be.

Courchevel: Best for luxury

Courchevel is located at one end of Le Trois Vallées, one of the world's largest ski lift-linked areas, with 600km of pistes and more than 180 lifts. Because of the slopes' location, Courchevel offers some of the best snow in the area, with a diverse range of runs to suit all abilities.

The abundance of luxury chalets and opulent hotels appeals to some. Another reason for the high population of wealthy tourists is the high cost of a skiing vacation in Courchevel, where a week's accommodation will set you back a not-so-small fortune and you will have to choose from 5 Michelin-starred restaurants for dinner.

This is the resort for you if you want to spend your money on a great day of skiing and an evening in a top-quality restaurant serving the best French food and wine, before spending the night surrounded by 5-star feather pillows.

Val Thorens: Best for partying

Val Thorens is known for being Europe's highest resort at 2,300m, and its high altitude ensures that decent snow is guaranteed from November to May most years.

The resort's location at the head of the Belleville Valley offers spectacular views and ski runs for all skill levels. The buildings were once thought to be harsh and ugly, due to the disaster that was 1970s architecture, but they have since been updated and improved to give the resort a much more appealing overall appearance.


The resort is connected to the vast network of Les Trois Vallées and the nearby fourth valley, the Maurienne. Val Thorens is thus an excellent starting point for exploring as much of the ski area's 600km of linked pistes as possible.

Val Thorens has earned a reputation as a haven for alcohol-fueled university trips, and the nightlife options have grown and improved. So, if you and your friends want a few days of excellent skiing followed by nights that begin at Folie Douce at 3 p.m. and end with dancing in Le Saloon or Le Malaysia until 5 a.m., Val Thorens is the resort for you.

Courchevel or Val Thorens: All things considered

Let us consider all of the factors to determine the best location for you:


The ski resort in Courchevel is full of spacious runs made to boost your confidence. It is divided into three regions: Courchevel 1850, Courchevel Moriond 1650, and La Tania, and it has nearly as much snow quality as Val Thorens. It is referred to as "the playground for the rich" and offers 5-star service and fine dining everywhere, personifying luxury and relaxation. Before a Michelin-starred lunch, take advantage of the 150 km of piste skiing in the morning.

When it comes to French ski resorts, Val Thorens is at the other extreme. A compact town full of slightly more modest restaurants, bars, and music is served by large cable cars and lift links. Without even leaving the 150km Val Thorens ski area, you can take on some of the toughest ski days.

There is much to argue about skiing in both Courchevel and Val Thorens' camps. The main distinction you'll notice is altitude. In contrast to Val Thorens, which has six glaciers that can rise well over 3000m to its highest point of 3230m, Courchevel maintains the highest point of 2738m.


Leisure and Activities

Val Thorens is ready to give its visitors a week of nonstop riding and may even leave you wanting to take another vacation just to recover. Courchevel's exclusive luxury awaits. Ski through Les 3 Vallees if you want to experience Val Thorens, knowing that you can retreat to relax and feel like royalty in the evening. They are metaphorically and literally valleys apart.


The two most dissimilar ski resorts you can find in the Les 3 Vallees are Courchevel and Val Thorens.

The ski resort of Courchevel has several villages, a more naturalistic feel, and traditional wooden chalets that are tastefully built into the hills and trees. Skiing is the only activity offered at the Val Thorens ski resort, which is more of a bully in Les 3 Vallees due to its purposeful 1960s concrete construction.


At the end of the day, the decision of which ski resort is best for you comes down to personal preference. Courchevel or Val Thorens? Both offer an array of experiences that cater to different tastes and budgets, so it is important to take the time to consider each one and decide which one best suits your needs.

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