Gastronomic Gems: Top 10 Best Restaurants Courchevel 1850


Indulging in gourmet food is what you should do when traveling to the Alps. You should not miss enjoying your tasty meal on a sunny deck of one of the best restaurants Courchevel 1850. Let's keep reading to find your perfect dining place on Courchevel ski slopes.

Best Restaurants in Courchevel 1850

  • Le 1947
  • Le Montgomerie
  • Le Chabichou
  • Le Farçon
  • Baumanière 1850
  • Le Sarkara (K2 Palace)
  • Sylvestre Wahid – Les Grandes Alpes
  • Le Base Kamp (K2 Altitude)
  • La Cheminé - Fahrenheit 7 Courchevel
  • Cap Horn

Best Restaurants in Courchevel 1850​: Le 1947

Le 1947

Le 1947 is the signature gastronomic restaurant of Courchevel's Cheval Blanc Hotel and also the only three-Michelin-starred restaurant in the area. The head chef Chef Yannick Alléno and other chefs know how to create the best refined French savoir-faire to awaken customers' senses and provide a unique and exquisite dining experience.

Classic French cuisine is combined with modern touches, bringing your gastronomic and sensorial adventure from surprise to surprise. Besides, Le 1947 also draws attention at first sight with its sleek and breathtaking contemporary style.

Second Best Restaurant in Courchevel 1850: Le Montgomerie

Le Montgomerie

Le Montgomerie is a restaurant in Le K2 awarded two Michelin Stars and it deserves the title of one of the best restaurants Courchevel 1850. Its menu is the perfect combination of flavours, techniques, and magic. Under the guidance of the talented chef, the restaurant delivers to you a work of art on every plate.

It's a perfect place to have a culinary mastery party and enjoy the stunning mountain views. Le Montgomerie guarantees you a memorable dining experience in Courchevel.

Le Chabichou - One In The Top 3 Best Restaurants in Courchevel 1850

Le Chabichou

The next candidate on our list is a renowned two-Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Chabichou. It stays in the heart of Courchevel, making it convenient for you to come and try the refined cuisine anytime.

Enjoying the meal here is like an exceptional gastronomic journey as the restaurant offers you fresh and finest seasonal ingredients cooked in a blend of traditional and innovative methods. You also will fall in love with the elegant ambiance of the restaurant.

Le Farçon

Le Farçon

If you're seeking a memorable gastronomic journey in Courchevel, you should not miss visiting Le Farçon, a one-Michelin-starred restaurant. It boasts an intimate and inviting atmosphere, warm and attentive service, and, most important: masterpiece dishes.

Its highly skilled chef will not let you down with a menu of rich flavors and ingredients. It's the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Each dish is meticulously crafted and presented with a taste of art, making it even more mouth-watering.

Baumanière 1850

Baumanière 1850

Baumanière 1850, located in the heart of the French Alps, is another restaurant awarded one Michelin Star. It's the place where you can find the finest French gastronomy. You will have a chance to taste the authentic flavors of the region with dishes crafted from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

The restaurant is also well-known for its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere and impeccable service, suitable for any occasion. There's no doubt that Baumanière 1850 is one of the best restaurants Courchevel 1850 that you should not miss.

Le Sarkara (K2 Palace)

Le Sarkara (K2 Palace)

Le Sarkara in the luxury K2 Palace, a newly awarded two-Michelin-starred restaurant, offers you unlimited extraordinary travel through their menu. It's where you can find a light starter, a hot main, and a gourmet dessert at a level of perfect sensations and flavours.

The restaurant serves a unique fusion of French and Indian cuisine meticulously prepared and beautifully presented. Together with that, its elegant and contemporary decor, cozy atmosphere, and attentive service make it an ideal choice for a truly memorable dining experience.

Sylvestre Wahid – Les Grandes Alpes

Sylvestre Wahid – Les Grandes Alpes

Immersing in the breathtaking beauty of the French Alps while having your meticulously crafted dishes served is a great experience you can have in Sylvestre Wahid – Les Grandes Alpes. This one-Michelin-starred restaurant offers diners exquisite cuisine with flavors and textures blended harmoniously.

With the chef's innovative and artistic approach to French cuisine, the menu will take you on a wonderful gastronomic journey. Sylvestre Wahid – Les Grandes Alpes is a perfect destination for all discerning gourmands.

Le Base Kamp (K2 Altitude)

Le Base Kamp

Le Base Kamp, run by Le k2 Altitude Hotel, is where you can enjoy the panoramic alpine views while sitting on the sunny terrace and trying authentic gastronomic cuisine. Being one of the best restaurants Courchevel 1850, the restaurant offers an authentic menu for an exquisite gourmet lunch or dinner.

Led by the talented head-chef Pieter Riedijk, all high-quality ingredients are meticulously pieced together, serving you amazing dishes. If you want to enhance your day of skiing in the world's largest ski area, consider Le Base Kamp.

La Cheminée


La Cheminée is one of the two restaurants run by Fahrenheit 7 Courchevel. It's a highly-recommended place to enjoy your dinner of gastronomic cuisine and Savoyard specialties. The menu mainly serves hearty meat and fish cooked on the wood fire.

The restaurant also serves gluten-free and vegetarian food. However, you should note these dietary requirements at the time of booking. One more plus of the place is its decoration of modern luxury style, highly attentive service, and well-trained staff.

Cap Horn

Cap Horn

Cap Horn is a desired destination to unwind and enjoy the beautiful white snow landscape. It's designed with a spacious area, a modern contemporary style, and a warm interior. The restaurant offers a long menu with various culinary styles. You can order French classics, local dishes, Asian cuisine, or other luxury gourmet food.

At Cap Horn Courchevel you can especially have an excellent specialty seafood party, including fresh seafood platters and a popular sushi menu, in a marine-themed decoration atmosphere with a boat, an old diving suit, and a shark looking at you from the ceiling.

The Bottom Lines

Besides the best restaurants Courchevel 1850 listed above, there are more fantastic candidates in this world's largest ski area. It's not difficult to find one that fits your taste and needs. However, we highly advise you to book your table in advance, especially in the peak season, to avoid disappointment.