Cap Horn Courchevel - Your Next Alpine Luxury Destination


Are you looking for a luxurious destination to dine in in the middle of the stunning Alps? Then, Cap Horn Courchevel is a worth-trying place.

Restaurants in Courchevel are not only a place to fill up your stomach after the skiing journey but also a desired destination to unwind and enjoy the beautiful white snow landscape. And Cap Horn Courchevel is one of them.

Coming there, you'll be surprised by the spacious area, modern contemporary style, warm interior, and inventive cuisine. Sometimes, the warm weather allows the French doors open, offering customers the perfect look at the river and the Aiguilles du Mont Blanc mountains.

What else can you do in this restaurant? Let's find out right away!

An Introduction to Cap Horn Courchevel

Cap Horn Courchevel, built in 1954, is the oldest mountain restaurant in Courchevel 1850. It's near Courchevel Airport and offers easy access to skiing and snowboarding areas. Being at an altitude of around 2000m with a spectacular south-facing terrace, Cap Horn is promised to be a perfect place where you can indulge in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Most travelers would like to have lunch there, while many others enjoy the festive moments in the late-night bar.

cap horn courchevel

This spacious restaurant is able to fit about 250-300 diners. However, thanks to the attentive design, you'll still feel it's a cosy and intimate place. The main dining area is spacious and bright with a high vaulted ceiling, bringing the feeling of the modern Alpine. The multi-level layout with a mezzanine, separate lounge area, and dining room shows a luxurious yet friendly ambience. If you come in a large group and want to have private dinners or parties, Cap Horn can certainly arrange the space for you.

The restaurant offers a long menu with various culinary styles. You can order French classics, local dishes, Asian cuisine, or other luxury gourmet food. It's not to mention the list of almost 400 drinks satisfying all personal tastes.

Cap Horn Courchevel - Your Next Alpine Luxury Destination

Cap Horn offers a unique and unforgettable experience for discerning travellers:

Enjoying Seafood in the Middle of the Stunning Alps

Yes, you've heard it right. Despite the height of 2000m altitude, you can still have a seafood party here. It is amazing, isn't it? Adding more to the atmosphere is the marine-themed decoration with a boat, an old diving suit, and a shark looking at you from the ceiling. It makes the restaurant turn into a mythical place, and you are a marine explorer.

cap horn courchevel 1 Enjoying Seafood in the Middle of the Stunning Alps

Cap Horn serves excellent specialty seafood. Nothing is greater than picking from your fresh seafood platter and enjoying the majestic snow mountainous landscape. You also should try their popular sushi menu that will make you keep craving more.

Mouthwatering With French Classic Menu

Apart from delicious sushi and seafood, you can find many classic French dishes on the menu. Feel free to fill your stomach with a selection of contemporary-style Savoyard dishes. The spiced chickens turn slowly above a fire-stoked grill inside the rotisserie, making you mouthwatering, especially on a cold and snowy day. The menu includes salads, omelets, pasta dishes, roasted chicken, grilled meats, and a homemade dessert buffet. A "Wild burger" menu also includes burgers, starters, drinks, snacks, and pizzas.

Imagine yourself sitting on the large sunny terrace, watching the private jets taking off and landing on the nearby Altiport while having a bite from your fresh serving dishes. It's more a relaxation.

Party at The Top

The gastronomy excursion will not be completed with the list of more than 600 meticulously selected drinks. The restaurant with a highlight sun terrace is not only a stop-by for skiers and snowboarders but also a place where you can find happiness in the middle of the mountain. Cap Horn is beyond a simple nautical-themed seafood & sushi restaurant. Besides the clever mix of sea and land dishes, creating a refined gastronomy, the place offers exceptional drinks that will delight all taste buds.

If you're a party lover, you should not miss this dine-in place during your journey. It has everything you need for a party atmosphere on sunny days or other important events. The well-trained, attentive staff, professional services, and excellent cuisine and atmosphere ensure you will have one of the best vacations ever.

cap horn courchevel 2 Party at The Top

Where to Stay Near Cap Horn?

There is a list of hotels nearby Cap Horn, making it easier for you to come and chill in the restaurant.

  • Hotel Anemones: It's the closest hotel to Cap Horn (just 1 min walk to reach the restaurant) with excellent value for money. Address: Immeuble Tremplin Rue du Rocher, 73120, Courchevel France
  • White 1921 Courchevel: A beautiful white-themed hotel with dedicated staff and service. You can also walk from here to dine in Cap Horn. Address: rue du Rocher, 73120, Courchevel France
  • Hotel Le Lana: The hotel offers a romantic environment and helpful amenities. It only takes about 2 minutes to walk to Cap Horn. Address: Route de Bellecote, 73121, Courchevel France
  • Hotel de La Loze: An ideally located restaurant. It's not only close to Cap Horn (3 minutes walking) but also situated right in the centre of Courchevel 1850 and faces the famous "Croisette." Address: rue Park City, 73120, Courchevel France
  • Hotel des Trois Vallees: Located on the slopes and the Croisette, the hotel is not so far from Cap Horn. It's a beautiful and perfect ski-in ski-out for all ski lovers. Address: rue Park City, 73120, Courchevel France

The Bottom Lines

Cap Horn Courchevel is one of the best restaurants in the area, attracting many customers. This cosy restaurant not only can make you full of delicious food but also offer you happiness and relaxation with its services. You can have lunch on the sunny terrace with fresh seafood or chill out in the late-night bar. Booking the table in advance is highly recommended, especially during peak times and seasons, so you'll not be disappointed.