Embark on the Perfect Winter Trip from Geneva to Courchevel


All ski lovers like to spend their winter time in Courchevel, a luxurious and famous ski resort. It's located in the Tarentaise Valley in the French Alps.

Since there's a small airport for personal planes and helicopters, but not everybody is able to use this service, most skiers from other countries choose international flights to the nearest airports. And one of them is Geneva in Switzerland.

Then, you should take one of the available transportation to move from Geneva to Courchevel. Let's find out what option from the list below best fits your needs.

Ways to Travel from Geneva to Courchevel

There are several ways to travel from Geneva to Courchevel.

Drive from Geneva to Courchevel

Hiring a car or driving by yourself from Geneva to Courchevel is a good option if you want to enjoy the private and explore the road on your own way. It will take you about two hours to reach your destination. You can book the service in advance or by arrival.

However, keep in mind that the driver should be older than 21 years old, have a driving license, and have more than one year of experience (or even 2 or 3 years with some types of cars). The hiring fee will start from 110 euro per day. Drivers who are younger than 25 years old need to pay some extra cost.


Get to Courchevel from Geneva by Helicopter

It's the most comfortable option to bring you from Geneva to Courchevel. One helicopter can accommodate 5 to 6 passengers and will get you to the airport in Courchevel, located in the Altiport district, in about 35 mins. Of course, the option comes with a pierce price tag of a minimum of 2000 euro, but it's appropriate to what it provides: convenient and high-class service.

Before choosing this way, a note is to confirm with the agency about the luggage as they have limitations. So make sure you check this information in detail.

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Hop on a bus and get to Courchevel from Geneva 

If you want to cut down on the cost of your trip, you can choose to travel from Geneva to Courchevel by bus. A few buses are running daily between the two destinations, and the ticket price is around 65 euro. Both bookings in advance and by arrival are available. You just need to show the check at the special yellow desk at the airport.

One minus of taking the bus is it will take longer to reach your place (around 2,5 hours) as it stops several times along the way. Plus, it will not go all the way to Courchevel but stop at a station in Moûtiers. You should make a connection thereby choosing another bus or car to head up to the resort.


By Train

Another public transportation to choose from is by train. You can take a train from the main railway station in Geneva (Cornavin station) to the railway station Moutiers Salins which is 25 km from Courchevel.

The train will take about 5 hours with a transfer, costing around 50 euro. When stopping at the station in Moûtiers, take a local bus or taxi to reach Courchevel in 30 mins.


Booking Transfer

Booking transfer is another worth-considering way of transportation from Geneva to Courchevel. You should pay more for it than the bus or train, but it's not as expensive as going by helicopter. The option will take you 2 to 2.5 hours to be in Courchevel. It can be longer when you go on snowy days or during the peak weeks.

It's highly recommended to book the airport transfer beforehand. The price varies based on what type of service you choose (economy or comfort), or it's personal or group transfer. The group transfer will be cheaper (around 70-90 euro), but you must wait until all passengers fill the car. The personal option will cost about 380 euro per car.



How Far is it from Geneva to Courchevel?

The distance from Geneva to Courchevel on the map is around 95km. However, the road distance is almost 140km. From Geneva airport, the distance to the center of Courchevel is 190 km.

What is the Fastest Way to get from Geneva to Courchevel?

The fastest way to get to Courchevel from Geneva is to drive. It takes around 2 hours and costs from $25 to $40. It's also considered the cheapest way to move between the two destinations.

Where Can You Stay in Courchevel 1850?

Since Courchevel is a popular skiing attraction, there are more than 6000 hotels available around to spend the night. You can find them at different prices starting from $100. Below is a list for your reference:

  • Hôtel du Bourg: It's located in the center of Valmorel, an excellent location that takes only 5 minutes to walk to shops and restaurants around. You can go to the ski slopes that are 100 meters away.
  • Ecrin Blanc Resort Courchevel: The hotel, located around 50 km from Halle Olympique d'Albertville, is a 4-star accommodation with a terrace, a garden, a hammam, a children's playground, a fitness center, and a private park.
  • Les 3 Vallées: It's one of the best well-stocked hideaways for mountain nomads and skiers. The hotel boasts a ski-in ski-out area with direct access, a ski shop, a swimming pool, and a spa.
  • Cheval Blanc Courchevel: A perfect hidden-under-snow palace is what you can say about this hotel with high-end services. Besides skiing and snowboarding, feel free to enjoy other activities as well in a MICHELIN-starred restaurant, gym, spa, pool, etc.
  • Hotel Barriere des Neiges: The chalet comes with a pierce tag, but it is worth it. The hotel is situated on the Bellecote Piste's prime spot, featuring a huge ski room, large chalet-style rooms, and a super big marble bathroom where you can enjoy the stunning mountainous landscape. It's not to mention the attentive staff who will not sit down while you're trying to put your socks on before starting skiing.

The Bottom Lines

Transportation will not be a problem bothering your winter trip to the Alps, as there are many ways to travel from Geneva to CourchevelThe most comfortable way is by helicopter, but it's also the most expensive option. Instead, you can choose to go by public transportation such as bus or train.

Also, consider booking a transfer in advance or hiring a car as they come with a reasonable price and convenience. In brief, there's always an option to meet your requirements and budget.