Can private jets land in Courchevel?


Can private jets land in Courchevel” is a question many people wonder. With a prime location in the heart of the French Alps, Courchevel Airport has welcomed many tourists coming here to ski.

But because it is nestled on the mountainside, landing at Courchevel is very limited for safety reasons. So let's find out the details of this airport and the conditions for landing here.

Can Private Jets Land In Courchevel?

The answer is Yes - The Private Jet can land in Courchevel. But the fact is not so much private jets land here.

Due to Courchevel's short runway length (525m) and its uphill slope; steep approach; and the 'no detour' procedure, which is a challenging landing, mainly used by very light aircraft or private owners operating their own small jets. The Courchevel airport is known as one of the shortest altiport worldwide.

Advanced safety regulations limit Courchevel's runway access for those flying on a private jet; you can fly to Chambery or other airports nearby and organize a helicopter transfer to Courchevel Altiport if needed.

For example, to fly to Courchevel from London, a small 4-seater Citation Mustang will cost around €12,500 for a 7-night round-trip flight, plus €1,900 (each way) for a 5-seat AS350 helicopter transfer.

All You Need to Know About Courchevel Altiport

The Courchevel Altiport first landed on January 31, 1962, and has been welcoming to ski lovers ever since. In the 1980s, private helicopters began moving to the resort.

At an altitude of 2007 meters, Courchevel 1850 airfield is the highest airport in Europe. The runway is 375 to 537 meters long and 80 meters wide, with an incline of 18.5%.

The airport welcomed 5'400 aircraft movements during the winter and remains to this day; it is the only shoveled mountain airport in winter.


What Types of Aircraft Can Land at Courchevel Airport?

A variety of private jets, small planes, and helicopters can land at Courchevel Airport, which is very close to the slopes. But due to Courchevel's short runway length (525m) and its uphill slope; steep approach; and the 'don't go around' procedure, the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) sets stringent rules about landing there.

Private owners can use the runway for small and medium jets if they fly on their own, but for commercial tenants, there are stricter safety regulations – restrictions on Courchevel's runway access.

Most aircraft that land at Courchevel Airport are privately owned jets, carrying owners and family/friends, with restrictions on baggage allowance. Helicopters are also possible to land at this airport.

The majority of direct flights are owner-operated aircraft, turboprops, and helicopters. The Pilatus PC-12 turbofan engine is one of the most popular choices among aircraft that can land and take off at Courchevel Altiport!

The propeller plane offers many advantages, and getting in and out of places like Courchevel is one of them.

The aircraft's minimum stopping distance for commercial private jet charters is multiplied by 1.6 to produce the minimum required landing distance (LDR). This makes Courchevel's runway too short for most commercial private flights.

Some Flights to Courchevel

The good news for ski enthusiasts looking to charter a private jet to reach the Courchevel area is that four larger airports are nearby, including Chambery, Grenoble, Annecy, Lyon, and Geneva.


From there, there are several options for getting to the Courvechel Altiport. The most luxurious and fastest option is to book a private helicopter flight into the area. Here is the distance from other airports to Courchevel Altiport

  • From Chambery (110 km away): usually 1 hour 45 minutes
  • From Grenoble (181 km away): usually 2 hours 45 minutes
  • From Annecy (95 km): usually 1 hour 30 minutes
  • From Lyon (187 km away): usually 2 hours 45 minutes
  • From Geneva (149 km away): usually 2 hours 45 minutes

Although the closest airports are Chambery and Annecy, each has fewer flights. The same is true for Grenoble. Lyon and Geneva will also be the most popular choices for convenience and variety.

=> And if you don't like flying, you can consider other means of getting to Courchevel.

Do You Need A Passport If You Have A Private Jet?

While private jet travelers have the right to pass luxury security points, they are still subject to immigration laws. So do you need a passport if you're flying privately? If you are flying to an international destination, the answer is yes. Every country and international country requires visitors to show their passports before entering. You must have a valid passport to access other countries.

Before planning international travel, ensure you and your child have valid, up-to-date passports. Also, ensure they don't expire for at least six months, as some countries may not allow you to enter if your passport is about to expire.


When boarding a private international flight, the pilot or crew will ask you to see your passport before take-off. Upon landing at your destination, you will have to clear customs.

While this can be a private custom experience or shorter than the usual commercial visitor experience, you still have to go through it. Have your passport ready and answer any details regarding your travel plans.

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