Discover The Best Time to Book Hotel for Your Next Vacation


Accommodation is an important part of your trip, but not many people know when the best time to book hotel is. Sometimes, you can book your favorite resort with ease, yet sometimes, it can be challenging due to the high peak season and high price.

That's why understanding the best time to book hotels is crucial. Our article will answer your question on this topic and provide some bonus tips, so you can stay in your desired hotel.


Discover The Best Time to Book Hotel for Your Next Vacation

The best time to book a hotel depends on where you intend to stay and when you will go there. In general, the best day to book is Thursday and Friday, while the best month for reservation is from July to September. Though last-minute deals can offer you a cheaper price, booking in advance is more recommended.

Reasons Why You Should Book Hotel in Advance

The most important reason for booking in advance is the longer you wait, the fewer hotels are left. In other words, when it's closer to the date of your trip, you'll have fewer choices and likely lose your favorite option. Somebody will book it up first, and you need to find different accommodation. It's not to mention the location of the hotel. If it is located in a good area, more people will try to get it. And if you wait too long, you need to pay the same, or even higher, price with a worse location.

Again, waiting for the price to decrease is a waste of time. It rarely can go down, and if there's a chance, it's not too much as well. Moreover, cheap accommodation with specific amenities, such as a crib, suite, queen bed, kitchen, etc, usually is not available for a long time.

What Are The Best Days Of The Week To Book Hotels?

When is the best time to book a hotel? Thursday and Friday are considered the day to get the cheapest deals. However, keep in mind that it's not always true. The price fluctuation actually does not depend much on the day of the week but is based on demand and the hotel's algorithm to make the most money.

For example, the price when you book on Friday and on Wednesday may not necessarily be different if they are in the same week.

What Are The Cheapest Months To Book Hotels?

Depending on where you will start, whether your destination is (domestic or international), you can consider booking between July and September. During this period, it's possible to get from 6 % to 9 % cheaper than the average price.


Tips to Book Hotel

The Best Time for Booking in Advance

If possible, reserve your stay at least 3 months in advance. You can have a chance to save half of the original price. If you book 3 weeks before travelling, 30% of the price will be cut down.

Book at a Less Busy Time of Year

If you want to save some money for your budget of staying, then the best time to book hotels is in the off-peak season period. You should not book your destinations when they are at their most crowded time. For example, if you choose to ski in Courchevel at a lower price, you'd better avoid the high peak seasons such as Christmas and New Year, etc.

Consider Last-minute Deals

Sometimes, last-minute deals can offer you surprisingly low prices. However, you should consider the pros and cons of this method. Taking these deals can put you at risk of having no place to stay or needing to choose another option with a higher price tag.

There's a trick if you want to go for the last-minute deals is to book a room with free cancellation. Once you see your favorite deal with a desirable price, you can choose that one and cancel the previous reservation. Though this way may require a little work, it usually works in getting the best rate for your favorite accommodation.

Make Sure About the Refund Policy

The last tip to help you book a hotel is to choose the one with full cancellation or flexible refund options so that you can have a backup plan. You can cancel and rebook when the price goes down.



What are the Reasons for Hotel Price Fluctuation?

The hotel price fluctuation depends on many factors, such as season or off-season, customer demand, hotel algorithm, etc.

Is It Better to Book With a Hotel Directly Than With Travelling Websites?

The answer is no. Booking directly with a hotel or accommodation provider can have its advantages, but there are definitely benefits to using travel websites like Courchelvel Chalet & Apartment, especially when booking chalets and apartments. We are professional in booking, with many relations that can ensure to have a reasonable price hotel.


Knowing the best time to book hotel helps you save your travelling budget. In general, you should do it in low or off seasons, so you can achieve your goal of saving money.

Besides, consider using the above tips when you want to book an accommodation. They will help you catch the best deals to enjoy your journey.