Courchevel 1650 Vs 1850: Which Should You Choose?


Overall of Courchevel 1650 - The Authentic Alpine Experience

Are you planning a ski trip to Courchevel but unsure whether to opt for Courchevel 1650 or Courchevel 1850? As both destinations offer incredible winter experiences, it is a tough decision to make.

Let’s compare Courchevel 1650 vs 1850, with their unique characteristics, amenities, and ski offerings. Whether you are seeking a vibrant après-ski scene or a tranquil mountain retreat, join us to delve into the differences between these two enchanting alpine villages. Get ready!

Overall of Courchevel 1650 - The Authentic Alpine Experience

Courchevel 1650 is also known as Courchevel Moriond. It is a ski resort located between Courchevel 1850 and Courchevel 1550 Village, at an altitude of around 1650 meters above sea level.

One great thing about Courchevel Moriond is that it offers more affordable accommodation compared to Courchevel 1850, while still maintaining a high level of luxury and quality. Another advantage is its excellent ski lift system, making it easy access to the main ski resorts in Courchevel. During the day, free buses connect the different ski resorts, and it only takes about 10 minutes to reach the center of Courchevel 1850. There, you can enjoy restaurants, boutiques, ski lessons, shopping, events, and parties.

Courchevel 1650 Moriond is known for its charming and peaceful atmosphere for families and those seeking a relaxed environment. The ski slopes nearest to the resort are wider and less crowded, so it is also perfect for beginners who want to learn how to ski. They can unwind, enjoy the snow, and take in the beautiful surrounding landscape in this tranquil ski station.

Overall of Courchevel 1650 - The Authentic Alpine Experience

Overall of Courchevel 1850 - The Luxury Alpine Retreat

Courchevel 1850 is the highest ski resort in Courchevel, situated between 1750 and 1900 meters above sea level. It is famous, exclusive, luxurious, and considered the most privileged spot of all. People flock here to enjoy its glamorous atmosphere. It is also the most attractive place in The Three Valleys, boasting renowned areas like Jardin Alpin, La Croisette, Chenus, and Plantret.

One of the exciting activities in Courchevel is the BMW Polo and Polo Masters Tour. During January and February, various competitions take place, attracting participants from around the world. They are all about champagne, canapés, stylish coats, and snow. Courchevel 1850 and polo create a perfect combination. The polo field is set up on the snow-covered Courchevel Airport 1850.

Additionally, Courchevel 1850 features a snowpark with rails near the Pralong lift. Snowboarders and freestyle enthusiasts can show off their tricks and acrobatics during their holiday in Courchevel. The park even has two instructors available to provide guidance for those eager to improve their skills.

Overall of Courchevel 1850 - The Luxury Alpine Retreat

Courchevel 1650 Vs 1850: Which Should You Choose?

Consider the following aspects when deciding to choose between Courchevel 1650 vs 1850:

Skiing preferences and skill levels

When deciding between Courchevel 1650 and Courchevel 1850, it is essential to consider your skiing preferences and skill level.

Courchevel 1650 offers a more laid-back and family-friendly atmosphere. It is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers looking for gentler slopes and a relaxed skiing experience. The ski tracks near the resort are wider and less crowded, making it an ideal place for learning and improving your skiing skills.

On the other hand, Courchevel 1850 is renowned for its exclusivity and luxury. It caters to advanced skiers and those seeking a more challenging skiing adventure. The resort boasts a wide range of slopes, including steep and thrilling runs that will test even the most experienced skiers.

Courchevel 1650 Vs 1850: Which Should You Choose?

Budgetary considerations: cost of accommodation, dining, and activities

Courchevel 1650 generally offers more affordable options for accommodation compared to Courchevel 1850. While still maintaining a high level of quality, you can find a range of accommodations that fit different budgets, including hotels, chalets, and apartments. Dining options in Courchevel 1650 also tend to be reasonably priced, with a variety of restaurants and cafes offering delicious meals without breaking the bank.

Head to Courchevel 1850 if you are looking for its exclusivity and luxury, which often comes with higher price tags. Accommodation in Courchevel 1850 is overall more expensive, with a focus on high-end hotels, luxury chalets, and upscale accommodations. Fine dining options in Courchevel 1850 can also be quite costly, with gourmet restaurants and Michelin-starred establishments.

As for activities, both Courchevel 1650 and 1850 offer a wide range of options to suit different budgets. Skiing is the main attraction, and lift passes are priced similarly in both resorts. However, Courchevel 1850 may have more high-end and exclusive activities, such as spa treatments, luxury shopping, and upscale nightlife.

Desired atmosphere and ambiance

In Courchevel 1650, the atmosphere seems more relaxed and laid-back. It is known for its charming village setting and family-friendly vibe. If you prefer a quieter and more tranquil ambiance, Courchevel 1650 is the ideal choice. The village exudes a cozy and intimate feel with its traditional chalet-style architecture, and the streets are dotted with local shops, cozy cafes, and traditional restaurants.

In comparison, Courchevel 1850 has a vibrant and bustling atmosphere, attracting a more sophisticated crowd. If you enjoy a glamorous and upscale setting, Courchevel 1850 is the place to be. The village offers high-end shopping, gourmet dining, and a lively après-ski scene with trendy bars and clubs.

Desired atmosphere and ambiance

Courchevel 1650 vs 1850: Accessibility and convenience

Courchevel 1650 offers easy access to the main ski resorts in the Courchevel area. It has a well-developed ski lift system within the resort, allowing convenient transportation to various slopes. The ski lifts provide quick and efficient access to the ski areas, so it is convenient for skiers and snowboarders to explore different parts of the mountain. Additionally, during the day, there are free buses available that connect the ski resorts.

Even better, Courchevel 1850 also offers excellent accessibility. It has a well-connected transportation network and provides easy access to the entire Three Valleys ski area. The resort features a variety of ski lifts and gondolas that transport visitors to different slopes and neighboring villages. Moreover, Courchevel 1850 has a well-developed infrastructure, including shops, restaurants, and amenities, making it convenient for visitors to find everything they need within close proximity.

Both Courchevel 1650 and 1850 offer convenient access to skiing and other activities in the area. However, Courchevel 1850's central location and comprehensive infrastructure provide slightly more accessibility and convenience in terms of amenities and services.

Après-ski activities and entertainment offerings

Comparing Courchevel 1650 vs 1850, the former offers a more relaxed and laid-back après-ski scene. It features a variety of cozy bars, pubs, and restaurants where you can unwind and socialize after a day on the slopes. While the atmosphere may be less vibrant compared to Courchevel 1850, you can still enjoy live music, happy hours, and themed events in a more intimate setting.

By contrast, Courchevel 1850 is renowned for its lively and upscale après-ski scene with nightlife and attracts a sophisticated crowd. You can enjoy live music, DJs, champagne bars, and exclusive parties in a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Courchevel 1850 is the place to be for those seeking a more glamorous and extravagant après-ski experience.

Both resorts offer après-ski activities and entertainment, but the ambiance and offerings differ. Courchevel 1650 provides a more relaxed and intimate setting, while Courchevel 1850 offers a more upscale and vibrant atmosphere.

Apr├Ęs-ski activities and entertainment offerings

Final thoughts,

When deciding between Courchevel 1650 vs 1850, consider several factors to make the right choice for your ski vacation. Courchevel 1650 offers a more relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere with affordable accommodations, while Courchevel 1850 boasts exclusivity, luxury, and a vibrant après-ski scene. Consider your skiing preferences, desired ambiance, budget, and entertainment options to determine which resort aligns better with your needs.

If you are still unsure about which option to choose, our team is here to help. Contact us today to book accommodations in Courchevel France and ensure a memorable ski experience tailored to your preferences. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the French Alps and the excitement of skiing in one of the most renowned ski destinations!